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FEMA Flood Certificate Arizona

How Do You Complete An Arizona Flood Certificate?


After the Flood Zone information has been determined, the Land Surveyor will transfer an elevation to the site from the nearest certified benchmark.

Using a precision level, the elevation of the finished floor(s) of the building will be determined. If an attached garage exists, a precise elevation of the attached garage floor is determined.

Elevations around the outside edge of the building will be noted in order to determine which are the highest and lowest elevations

If applicable, the lowest point will be determined on any machinery, such as an air conditioner or water heater, inside the attached garage or outside of the building.

If the floor of the building is raised with a crawlpace, like that of a manufactured home, the square footage of the crawlspace will be noted as well as the lowest elevation of the floor structure.

If there is an attached garage, the square footage will be noted.

The type of structure will be noted, ie: slab on grade or split level with basement.

Multiple photographs of the building will be taken, typically a couple in the front and back, visibility permitting.

After the field work is completed by the Arizona Flood Certificate Surveyor, the FEMA Flood Certificate form will then be completed with the data obtained from the field. Additional information required includes the address, Assessors Parcel Number, lattitude and longitude, Flood Zone, Base Flood Elevation, the identity and elevation of the Benchmark used.

The pictures taken will be attached to Pages 3 and 4 of the FEMA Flood Certificate form. The Arizona Flood Certificate will then be sealed with the certificate surveyors professional seal, signed as required and delivered.

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