What Is An Elevation Certificate or Flood Certificate?

What Is An Elevation Certificate or Flood Certificate?

A FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, sometimes referred to as a Flood Certificate, is an official document that is used to determine flood risk and, if applicable, flood insurance cost based on that risk.

- Section A - of the Flood Elevation Certificate form provides general data for the building. Item A5 is the Latitude and Longitude of the front of the building. Item A7, the building diagram number, defines the type of building such as split level, slab on grade or raised on piers or support walls. The items regarding flood openings refer to openings specifically designed to allow flood water to pass through or under the building.

- Section B - provides technical data regarding the Flood Zone from the FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map). This will include the Flood Zone and, if applicable, the Base Flood Elevation or Flood Depth. The data depicted on the FIRM was created by an engineering analysis of the watershed of that stream or low-point. The flood elevations or depths are not based on general rainfall, they are calculated based on the worst possible flood predicted over a period of 100 years.

- Section C - is not required in certain flood zones. However, we will fill this section out every time. It is required for those flood zones with a determined Base Flood Elevation. There are occasions when the local jurisdiction has calculated or will calculate a usable Base Flood Elevation. In those cases, there will be no additional expense required to obtain that data. Provided in this section are the identity of the benchmark used by the Land Surveyor, actual elevations of the finished floor(s) and specific areas around the building and, if applicable, the lowest elevation of the equipment servicing the building (Air Conditioner, Water Heater, etc.)

- Section D-1 - on Sheet 1 contains the information of the licensed Arizona Land Surveyor including the seal and signature to certify the data provided.

- Section D-2 - on Sheet 2 provides, as required, notes by the Land Surveyor including the location of the machinery servicing the building.

- Section E - provides data for Flood Zones AO and A without a determined Base Flood Elevation. The data provided is elevation differences relative to the highest and lowest elevations around the perimeter of the building (HAG = High Adjacent Grade, LAG = Low Adjacent Grade).

- Section F - provides data for a person certifying the data in Section E and notes, as required, such as the location of the machinery servicing the building.

- Section G - is available for the local government in charge of the Flood Control District in which the building exists to provide data for a Base Flood Elevation if there has been one determined. Additionally, it is used to document building permit information relative to a building being constructed in a flood zone.

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