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For this week, an Elevation Certificate Surveyor's look at Arizona's Past.......

Chapter 17 Elevation Certificate Surveyor Weekly From #04 - Prescott, the capital of Arizona, and the county seat of Yavapai county, is situated in a beautiful mountain glade, surrounded by the northern spurs of the Sierra Prieta. The town was laid out in May, 1864, and named in honor of the eminent American writer and standard authority upon Aztec and Spanish American history. Its site is in latitude 34° 30' north, and in longitude 112° 30' west from Greenwich. The town has a beautiful situation, being surrounded by low hills, crowned with lofty pines, and covered with fine grasses. The streets are broad and laid out with the cardinal points of compass. In the center of the town is a large plaza, in which stands the county court-house, the finest structure in the Territory. It is built of brick and stone, two stories in height, with a mansard roof, crowned by a handsome tower. Prescott has the appearance of a homelike, Eastern town. Its buildings are of wood, brick, and stone. It contains the handsomest mercantile establishments in the Territory, many of which would be a credit to older and more pretentious communities. It is the center of an extensive mining, pastoral, and agricultural region, and has a large and prosperous trade. Besides its fine business establishments, Prescott can show many elegant private residences. It has a fine theater and a large public hall. Three saw mills are in constant operation near the town.

Prescott has one bank, a fine brick structure 72 by 29 feet, and two stories in height, two hotels, three breweries, fifteen mercantile establishments, and, like all frontier towns, numerous saloons. The town is situated about 5,500 feet above sea level, and possesses one of the most delightful climates on the continent; and with its pine-covered hills, green valleys, and beautiful gardens, is one of the most attractive towns on the Pacific coast. The Catholics, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Presbyterians and the Congregationalists, have handsome churches. A fine brick school-house, two stories in height, is one of the ornaments of the town. The Masons, the Odd Fellows, the Knights of Pythias, and the Foresters have flourishing societies.

Two newspapers are published here, the Arizona Miner, the oldest newspaper in the Territory, and the Arizona Democrat. The former is conducted by C. W. Beach, and is untiring in its efforts to give publicity to the vast resources of Northern Arizona. The Democrat is owned and edited by Hon. Gideon J. Tucker, formerly of the Albany Argus and the New York Daily News. It is ably conducted, and justly appreciated for its devotion to the material interests of the Territory. The population of Prescott is about two thousand. With its charming situation, fine climate, and the varied resources which surround it, the town is destined to be a place of importance.

Phoenix, the county seat of Maricopa county, is situated in the great Salt river valley, twenty-five miles above the junction of the Gila and the Salt rivers, and about two miles north of the latter stream, ninety miles south of Prescott, and twenty-eight miles north of the Southern Pacific railroad at Maricopa station. It is in latitude 33° 25' north and in longitude 112° west. The first settlement was made in December, 1870, in what was then a barren desert. By bringing the fertilizing waters of the Salt river over the plain, the valley has been made the most fertile and productive in the Territory.

Phoenix is a beautiful town, with wide streets shaded with groves of cottonwood trees, and cooled by streams of water running through the principal thoroughfares. It is the center of trade for the productive farming region which surrounds it on all sides, and has a number of handsome mercantile establishments which do a prosperous business. It has three churches, Methodist; Presbyterian and Catholic, all handsome structures. The houses are generally built of adobe, as that material is found to be best adapted to this climate. A large, two-story brick school-house, is one of the chief adornments of the town. The Odd Fellows, Masons, Red Men, United Order of Workmen, and Good Templars have organizations here.

The Maricopa Library Association is one of the most prosperous societies in the town. Two newspapers are published in Phoenix, the Phoenix Herald and the Arizona Gazette, the former by John J. Gosper, and the latter by McNeil & Co.; they are both well conducted, newsy journals, able exponents of the interests of the people and the resources of the Salt river valley, and are published daily and weekly. The population of Phoenix is about 1500, and is rapidly increasing. With its splendid water facilities and rich soil, with its fine farms, beautiful gardens, and shady groves, Phoenix is a handsome and a prosperous town, with a bright future before it.

About The Historical Texts

Following is the list of uncopyrighted publications used for the History of Arizona and the Southwest. All can be easily found on-line in PDF format. Sorted by publication date they are:

  1. The Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona - 1857 | By Sylvester Mowry
  2. Arizona and Sonora - 1863 | By Sylvester Mowry
  3. The Territory of Arizona_1874 | By Arizona Legislative Assembly
  4. Resources of Arizona - 1881 | By Arizona Legislative Assembly
  5. The History of Arizona and New Mexico, Volume 17 - 1889 - (Arizona Portion) | By Hubert Howe Bancroft
  6. Titan of Chasms the Grand Canyon - 1906 | By C.A. Higgins, J.W. Powell, Chas.F.Lumins
  7. Reminiscences of a Soldiers Wife - 1907 - (Arizona Portion) | By Ellen McGowan Biddle
  8. The First Through the Grand Canyon - 1915 | By Major John Wesley Powell
  9. The History of Arizona, Volume 1 - 1915 (starting Chapter VII) | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  10. The History of Arizona, Volume 2 - 1915 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  11. The History of Arizona, Volume 3 - 1916 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  12. The History of Arizona, Volume 4 - 1916 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  13. The History of Arizona, Volume 5 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  14. The History of Arizona, Volume 6 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  15. The History of Arizona, Volume 7 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  16. The History Of Arizona, Volume 8 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  17. Arizona the Wonderland - 1917 | By George Wharton James
  18. The Story of Arizona - 1919 | By Will H. Robinson

The majority of the publications listed here were written with the intent to be historically accurate. This is not an attempt to make a point of historical fact by providing this information. It is intended to simply share what is documented about the American Southwest, primarily on the Arizona Territorial area.

There are no living people to speak for the time period related here. We must use recorded information to look into that era. The point-of-view of today is different from those living then. The intent here is not to provide an opinion. If one spends time reading the material listed, it will be enlightening as to life in the untamed Territory of Arizona as it was in the minds of the people of at that era.

Regarding the stories of the all of people in the Territory of Arizona it can bring out all emotions. From sympathy to anger and sadness to admiration, you will feel something. It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to be living here, or traveling through, at different times in the past. It is hopeful that all will find a least find some amusement looking through the window of the past provided here.

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