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For this week, an Elevation Certificate Surveyor's look at Arizona's Past.......

Chapter 48 Land Surveyor Weekly From #04 - Stockton Camp is situated on the eastern slope of the Cerbat range, about six miles south-east from Mineral Park. It has a delightful situation, fronting on the Hualapai valley, and is only eight miles from the surveyed line of the Atlantic and Pacific railroad. The formation is granite; wood and water are found in abundance. The camp has been self-sustaining, having received no aid from outside capital. The Cupel has produced about $150,000. It is a 2-foot vein, and has worked $100 per ton. It is opened by 500 feet of shafts and drifts. The ore is a sulphuret of silver.

The Prince George shows a 3-foot vein that assays $80 per ton. It has 100 feet of shafts and has produced $12,000. The IXL has two shafts, 110 and 80 feet. The width of the vein is 3½ feet, which assays $80 per ton. The Infallible is a strong vein 4 feet wide, with ore that averages by assay $70 per ton. It is opened by five shafts and 100 feet of drifts. It carries gold and silver, and has produced over $5,000. The Tigress has 18 inches of rich galena ore, worth $150 per ton. It is opened by several shafts and drifts, and has yielded $25,000. The Little Chief is a small but exceedingly rich vein. It has nearly 200 feet of shafts and other openings. The ore shipped has gone from $400 to $1,200 per ton. The total yield has been about $50,000. The Cincinnati, Bullion, Silver Monster, Fountain Head, Miner's Hope, and many others, are very encouraging prospects, with every indication of developing into paying properties.

Maynard District.—This district is in the Hualapai mountains, twenty-eight miles east of Mineral Park. It is the finest wooded portion of Mohave, and is producing some very rich ore. The Atlantic and Pacific railroad will pass within ten miles of the mines.

The American Flag is the leading mine of the district. It is a 2-foot vein of sulphuret ore, giving an average assay of $100 per ton. It is thoroughly opened by 2,000 feet of shafts and drifts. Some of the richest ore ever taken out in the Territory has come from this claim. It has produced $70,000, the ore being shipped to San Francisco. A mill will shortly be erected. The Antelope shows a 4-foot vein of fine sulphuret ore. It is opened by 400 feet of shafts and drifts. The mine has produced $15,000. The Dean has a large vein, nearly 6 feet in width. It has a shaft 180 feet, and 600 feet of tunnels. The ore is a sulphuret and of a high grade. The Mariposa is opened by 700 feet of shafts and drifts. It carries good ore and has yielded nearly $8,000.

About The Historical Texts

Following is the list of uncopyrighted publications used for the History of Arizona and the Southwest. All can be easily found on-line in PDF format. Sorted by publication date they are:

  1. The Memoir of the Proposed Territory of Arizona - 1857 | By Sylvester Mowry
  2. Arizona and Sonora - 1863 | By Sylvester Mowry
  3. The Territory of Arizona_1874 | By Arizona Legislative Assembly
  4. Resources of Arizona - 1881 | By Arizona Legislative Assembly
  5. The History of Arizona and New Mexico, Volume 17 - 1889 - (Arizona Portion) | By Hubert Howe Bancroft
  6. Titan of Chasms the Grand Canyon - 1906 | By C.A. Higgins, J.W. Powell, Chas.F.Lumins
  7. Reminiscences of a Soldiers Wife - 1907 - (Arizona Portion) | By Ellen McGowan Biddle
  8. The First Through the Grand Canyon - 1915 | By Major John Wesley Powell
  9. The History of Arizona, Volume 1 - 1915 (starting Chapter VII) | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  10. The History of Arizona, Volume 2 - 1915 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  11. The History of Arizona, Volume 3 - 1916 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  12. The History of Arizona, Volume 4 - 1916 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  13. The History of Arizona, Volume 5 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  14. The History of Arizona, Volume 6 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  15. The History of Arizona, Volume 7 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  16. The History Of Arizona, Volume 8 - 1918 | By Thomas Edwin Farish
  17. Arizona the Wonderland - 1917 | By George Wharton James
  18. The Story of Arizona - 1919 | By Will H. Robinson

The majority of the publications listed here were written with the intent to be historically accurate. This is not an attempt to make a point of historical fact by providing this information. It is intended to simply share what is documented about the American Southwest, primarily on the Arizona Territorial area.

There are no living people to speak for the time period related here. We must use recorded information to look into that era. The point-of-view of today is different from those living then. The intent here is not to provide an opinion. If one spends time reading the material listed, it will be enlightening as to life in the untamed Territory of Arizona as it was in the minds of the people of at that era.

Regarding the stories of the all of people in the Territory of Arizona it can bring out all emotions. From sympathy to anger and sadness to admiration, you will feel something. It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to be living here, or traveling through, at different times in the past. It is hopeful that all will find a least find some amusement looking through the window of the past provided here.

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